Special Housing Auckland

October 16, 2019 / project

Special Housing Developments are being developed throughout Auckland in response to unprecedented demand for housing. One such development in South East Auckland has made use of an extensive range of Juralco's exterior products across the 240 homes.

The Products - Edge Balustrade, Louvre Privacy Panels and Edge Fixed Canopy Awning

Balustrading chosen for the front and rear of the home is a combination of Edge aluminium baluster and framed glass panels in a specified palette of colours.  The mixture of balustrade finishes helps to break up any "sameness" of the neighbouring home. Edge baluster balustrade has also been used extensively for stairs leading to the homes front door and downstairs courtyards. 

Louvre privacy panels and front door canopies were specially designed for this project in conjunction with the authorised installer.  Juralco are specialist in custom made products and have the flexibility and ability to manufacture finished products to suit the project.